Day 1 – Chest/Quads


AJ day 1 P1


AJ day 1 P2.png

*Decline dumbbell press works too


AJ day 1 P3


AJ day 1 P4.png

*Dumbbell fly or machine fly


Day 2 – Back/Arms


AJ day 2 P1.png



AJ day 2 P2.png


AJ day 2 P3.png


AJ day 2 P4.png


Day 3 – Hamstrings/Calves/Quads


AJ day 3 P1

*Deadlift with barbell or dumbbells. Any type of Standing calf raise.


AJ day 3 P2.png

*Seated leg curl or lying leg curl is fine. Both and/or alternating them is also good. You can substitute angled calf raises for these too.


AJ day 3 P3.png


AJ day 3 P4.png

Additional Exercises:




*Twisting incline dumbbell press…gives additional benefit to upper inner chest area



*Low cable chest fly…additional benefit on upper/upper inner.


*Decline dumbbell press…additional benefit to lower outer.

*Single arm cable chest press….general pectoral.


*Close grip chest press is good for isolating inner sections…you can do flat, incline and decline and isolate the respected areas.


*Same can be said for an extra wide grip press…also at various angles.








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