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Eternal Reiki Course Contents:

Reiki Manuals:

Reiki Level 1 Manual

Reiki Level 2 Manual

Reiki Level 3 Manual

Reiki PowerPoint Lessons:

Reiki Level 1 PowerPoint

Reiki Level 2 PowerPoint

Reiki Level 3 PowerPoint

Reiki Video Lessons:

Reiki Level 1 Video Lesson


Reiki Level 2 Video Lessons


Reiki Level 3 Video Lessons

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Eternal Reiki Flashcards:

7 Chakra Flashcards

Rapid Reiki Hand Positions Flashcards

Eternal Reiki Certificates:

Reiki Practitioner Certificate

Reiki Advanced Practitioner Certificate

Reiki Master/Teacher Certificate

Reiki Lineage Certificate

Animal Reiki Certificate


Eternal Reiki Bonuses:

Aromatherapy ebook Bonus

Herbal Cures ebook Bonus

Increase Your Energy Level ebook Bonus

Magnetic Therapy ebook Bonus

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Eternal Reiki Study Guide:

Eternal Reiki Study Guide

Eternal Reiki Study Guide Key

Eternal Reiki Business Tools:

Reiki Business Manual

Client History Form

Treatment Form

Reiki Healing Poster

5 Reiki Principles Poster

Reiki Poster

Your Distant Attunement:

Now that you have purchased the Eternal Reiki Home Study Course I will prepare your distant attunement.

I will have your attunement prepared within 24 hours of your purchase. You can receive your attunement upon completion of the course anytime you are ready.

Don’t forget…time is of no concern when retrieving your attunement.

Beginning Your Distant Attunement


This image represents the source of energy that I have prepared to be received by the universal energy, which in turn is to be received by you.

Once I have created this energy it will be set into the universal energy until you feel it is the right time to retrieve it.

What I have done to prepare for this attunement:

I begin by letting myself drift into a state of pure relaxation and bliss. I do this in a few ways. Sometimes I brew myself and have a relaxing mug of green tea. I like to make sure the lights are down and I put on some of my favorite relaxation music.

I take a comfortable position and clear my mind. I use controlled breathing and and let my worries float away. I continue this meditative state for some time until I feel a clear euphoric state.

I then call upon Reiki masters of the present, past, future and the universal energy. I ask Reiki’s wisdom and power to set the connection between us so that the energies shall pass through time and space from me to you.

I ask that Dr. Usui, Dr.Hayashi and Madam Takat to participate and assist in this process. I remain in a meditative state while I generate and feel the energies I am contributing to the universal energy.

As I close out the ceremony I ask Reiki and the universal energy to release the connection to allows us to create new connections.

What you should do to receive distant attunement:

*Find a comfortable and quiet place

*Turn off all distraction (television, phone, etc.)

*Make sure the room is a comfortable temperature.

*Burning candles can help set ambiance and mood

*Put on relaxing and peaceful music

*Make sure you are 100% ready to receive attunement

*Take a comfortable position. You can sit, lye down or whatever position relaxes you.

*Close your eyes

*Start relaxing, calming your mind and body from head to toe.

*Begin breathing in through your nose for 8 seconds and out through your mouth for 10 seconds.

*Breathe in the positive energies and breathe out the negative energies.

*Continue this controlled breathing until you slip into a clear mind and a state of pure relaxation.

*Release all of your negative energies and feel the positive universal energies.

*Ask the universal energy to connect you and I, Sarah Mathews.

*Tell the universal energy out loud or in your head that you are ready, open and willing to accept the Reiki attunements.

*Continue your controlled breathing for some time and really feel and understand the energies you are receiving.

*When you are ready to close out the ceremony, ask the universal energy to release our connection to allow your energies to make new connections.

I always take great joy in preparing and receiving attunements, I hope you find the same enjoyment!

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Expert Meditation Materials:


Calm Mind, Healthy Body:

Calm Mind Healthy Body ebook

Calm Mind, Healthy Body Audioarrow-down-purple

Healing Guided Meditationarrow-down-purple

Expert Meditation ebook:

Expert Meditation

Relaxing Music Therapyarrow-down-purple

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Mantra Magic ebook:

Mantra Magic

Breathe Relief:

Breathe Relief ebook

Breathe Relief Audioarrow-down-purple


Breathe Relief Videoarrow-down-purple

Bonus Materials:

Holistic Growth Goal Setting:

Holistic Growth Goal Setting

Dreams Interpretation:

Dreams Interpretation

Karma Crash Course:

Karma Crash Course