Jeff’s Workout

Day 1 Workout

This workout routine is split up into circuits.

To complete a circuit, you must alternate between the two exercises until 3 sets of each exercise is complete.

Circuit 1:

A.) Push-Up

-Each set of push ups will be done until failure…Do as many as you can each time. Start on your toes and finish up on your knees if need be.j1.png

B.) Mountain Climbers

-Each set should be done until failure.

Circuit 2:

A.) Tricep Dips

-These tricep dips can be done using a chair. Place your hands shoulder width on the chair, basically touching your hips.

Drop your body, just running your spine down the edge and push yourself back up only using your arms. (youtube “chair tricep dips” for a better visual if needed).


B.) Static lunges

-with these lunges, start with 15-20 reps on each leg…one leg at a time. See video for example…u can do them quicker than she is as long as form is maintained.

Circuit 3:

A.) Plank reaches

-This exercise as usual will be done until failure each set.

B.) Speed squats

-When squatting, drop low enough so your hamstrings become parallel with the floor. Also make sure your knees are flush with or at least don’t go in front of your toes.

This exercise is to be done until failure each set.

Circuit 4:

A.) Jumping Jacks

-Here’s a classic, but forever goody.

These shall be done until failure each set.

These should and can be done gracefully and with a low “stomp” impact as to respect the neighbors…stay mostly on your toes or the balls of the front of your feet and get calf benefit as well.


B.) Bicycle crunches

-Done until failure each set.

See video…these can be done faster than she is doing them as long as form is maintained.


check-blue-gloss-50 This is a good start for your. This routine can be done as frequent as every other day.

I’ll make updates as time goes on and talk about getting a small piece of equipment or two.

I would estimate this routine to be about 30 minutes, give or take.