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Anytime Attunements


Anytime you wish to receive an attunement aside from your allotted course attunements, I’m available to prepare that for you.

Click the link below and I will send you an e-mail confirmation letting you know your attunement is ready to receive.



bulletResponding and being able to cope with stress is something most people today have a necessity for.

You will learn:

check-blue-gloss-50Responding to stress.

check-blue-gloss-50Where does stress come from.

check-blue-gloss-50Your first step in managing stress.

check-blue-gloss-50Easing your tension to reduce stress.

check-blue-gloss-50You need a quiet mind to think clearly.

check-blue-gloss-50And much more!



bulletThis guide will help you in achieving goal setting with a bigger difference and to accelerate the choices made in terms of career goals and personal goals.

You will learn:

check-blue-gloss-50What is holistic growth?

check-blue-gloss-50Goal setting and the principles.

check-blue-gloss-50Living a balanced life.

check-blue-gloss-50The impact of goal setting to a balanced life.

check-blue-gloss-50How to set your goals.

check-blue-gloss-50And so much more!

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bulletDreams are a communication of the body, brain and spirit.

This powerful tool will provide you with everything you need to learn all the basics of the world of dreams.

You will learn:

check-blue-gloss-50Dream basics.

check-blue-gloss-50What Sigmund Freud said about dreams?

check-blue-gloss-50What Jung said about dreams?

check-blue-gloss-50Do dreams have a biological function?

check-blue-gloss-50Types of dreams.

check-blue-gloss-50And much more!

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bulletPositive thinking doesn’t arrive without initially getting confident about yourself.

Among the most crucial accomplishments for gaining any sort of positive thinking is to be really truthful about yourself.

You will learn:

check-blue-gloss-50Considering your views

check-blue-gloss-50All about the law of attraction.

check-blue-gloss-50Change how you see yourself.

check-blue-gloss-50Positive thinking tips.

check-blue-gloss-50Recipe for positive thinking.

check-blue-gloss-50And so much more!




bulletThe only way you can be spiritual is by being fully present in whatever is in front of you right now.

You can do this by bringing all of your focus and all of your awareness to the present moment.

You will learn:

check-blue-gloss-50A spiritual life.

check-blue-gloss-50The mind.

check-blue-gloss-50The Ego.

check-blue-gloss-50Spirituality tomorrow.

check-blue-gloss-50And much more!


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